“God’s Wonderful Railway” makes an appearance on the Tenleytown & Chesapeake Railroad

God’s Wonderful Railway tends to be the moniker for the Great Western Railway Company in the UK. The GWR was one of the first railways in the UK and the brainchild of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Brunel was probably one of the most gifted engineers ever and the GWR was one of his crowning successes. The […]

Like a kid in a candy store…

As promised, here is a short report about the Open House at the PIKO model train company. This event happens every other year on one Saturday in July. According to the company about 15,000 model train enthusiasts showed up for this occasion.  Soon enough, Brad and I would be part of that mob. After a hearty […]

Where in the world is Sonneberg?

Sonneberg, a small town of about 20,000 souls, calls itself the “Weltspielzeugstadt”! Loosely translated it would mean “The World’s Toy Capital”. Quite a boast for a town of that size, but, as we shall find out, there is indeed some merit to this extravagant claim.  The town is on the southern edge of the “Thuringian […]

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