Going stir crazy…

So here we are about seven months into this Covid mess. There seems to be no end in sight. The whole thing is rather depressing. No eating out, no theater and no concerts at Strathmore to enjoy. All my favorite model train shows have been cancelled. My birthday trip in April to Tallinn (Estonia) was […]

Some final thoughts about the trip to the “Golden Spike” events in Utah

It’s a big country! Frankly it is easy to forget just how big the US really is. Our trip west brought that point home for me again. Driving from Salt Lake City to Ely, Nevada to visit the Nevada Northern Railway, took close to four hours with nary a settlement in between the two. Here […]

More on the Golden Spike events in Utah. Let’s call this Part 2.

My last blog entry has been a while ago. I have just not been able to find time to do a “Part 2” to the original blog post regarding the Golden Spike events. (In case anybody needs a refresher regarding Part 1, here is a link) Anyway, it has been hectic around these parts: with […]

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