Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa!

I suppose I should say it a third time, adding another “mea maxima culpa”! All the while beating my breast. At least that is what the Confiteor in the Roman Rite prescribes, when acknowledging having made an avoidable mistake.. Well, I am not going around beating anything. Though I will admit that not writing a […]

Make way for the APT…

Make way for the APT…

…that is for the Hornby OO scale “Advanced Passenger Train”! Hornby is a United Kingdom based manufacturer of OO scale model trains. Very recently the company released a model of the British Rail  “Advanced Passenger Train”, generally referred to as the APT. I won’t go into much technical detail regarding the prototype. Suffice it to […]

Working on The Railroad

To say that 2021 was interesting seems to be a colossal understatement. First Brad and I moved from DC to Rehoboth Beach. Then it finally appeared that the US had gotten a grip on the whole COVID mess. Perhaps it would be possible to make travel plans again. I had not been to London in […]