Another domino falls…

Full disclosure: this blog entry is for the really serious rail enthusiast, or perhaps for a seasoned economist, or maybe even useful as an object lesson during a business course at a university. If so, I would suggest scheduling it somewhere in freshman business 101! Add this to another text book case of running a […]

Franchising Follies & Failures

  The birthplace of railroads has an identity crisis. Or perhaps more of a “political will” crisis. Great Britain’s railways seem to be rapidly approaching a day of reckoning and grudging acknowledgement of the fact, that the much ballyhooed privatization and franchising model of the British railway system is destined for failure. It “only” took […]

A visit to the National Capital Trolley Museum

Only just 13 miles north from my house here in DC is the National Capital Trolley Museum. A few Sundays ago I had an occasion to visit it: Two of our friends from Perth, Australia were in town and had expressed a desire to take a look at this museum. It had been some years […]