Tempus Fugit…….

It’ been a very long time since I had to read Virgil’s “Georgics”. Latin was a required language when I went to school and I hated every minute of it. My study habits were atrocious, passing the prescribed Latin courses only by the skin of my teeth. Of course what Virgil really wrote was: “Sed fugit […]


How are your Czech language skills? Not particularly brilliant? Mine neither! Nevertheless I did hope that the Czech word “Laminátka” would be some sort of cognate to the English adjective “laminated”. Surprisingly it indeed was. You may wonder what in the world this has got to do with trains. Well, this: Behold the world’s first […]

First Run of the C&T Railroad

First Run of the C&T Railroad

A couple of days ago I finally was able to attempt a first run of the season on the Chesapeake and Tenleytown Garden Railway. Winter around here is not kind to my outdoor G scale track. Even though it was unusually warm during the winter months, the track still heaves and moves sideways with the […]

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