Make way for the APT…

Make way for the APT…

…that is for the Hornby OO scale “Advanced Passenger Train”! Hornby is a United Kingdom based manufacturer of OO scale model trains. Very recently the company released a model of the British Rail¬† “Advanced Passenger Train”, generally referred to as the APT. I won’t go into much technical detail regarding the prototype. Suffice it to […]

Working on The Railroad

To say that 2021 was interesting seems to be a colossal understatement. First Brad and I moved from DC to Rehoboth Beach. Then it finally appeared that the US had gotten a grip on the whole COVID mess. Perhaps it would be possible to make travel plans again. I had not been to London in […]

Tempus Fugit…….

It’ been a very long time since I had to read Virgil’s “Georgics”. Latin was a required language when I went to school and I hated every minute of it. My study habits were atrocious, passing the prescribed Latin courses only by the skin of my teeth. Of course what Virgil really wrote was:¬†“Sed fugit […]