A bridge too low…

With apologies to Cornelius Ryan, the author of “A Bridge Too Far”. I have heard and seen trucks and buses run into low bridges, but trains? Take a look at this mess: Train on the wrong track This video was published by NewsXMonger originally.

A trip to Savage, Maryland

Do you know what a Bollman Truss Bridge is? Well, I did not either until last week. Brad and I had been continuing our exploration of local places of interest, remembering a highway sign along Interstate 95 in Howard County, Maryland. “Visit Historic Savage” it implored. Savage is barely 25 miles from our house, so […]

More places to discover around the metropolitan Washington DC area

It’s raining buckets here in DC. The yard looks like I should be thinking about investing in a boat. Though it seems that my banana plant (Musa Basjoo) is quite liking all this water. Since it is so miserable outside I thought I’d bore everyone with a follow up to my last blog. A couple […]

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