Nothing could be finer, than eating in the diner…well, maybe not!

Fred Harvey, George Pullman and Georges Nagelmackers must be spinning in their respective graves like so many dreidels. In this day and age one would call them entrepreneurs. Their common grievance: the atrocious service being provided by the railroads of their days. Fred Harvey founded the Fred Harvey Company in 1876, spurred on by the […]

London, Midland and Scottish Railway and The Transcontinental Railroad: It’s all the same!

Well, that is if one leaves it to the United States Postal Service. If my readers will remember, this May was the 150th anniversary of the completion of the first US transcontinental railroad. Brad and I went out to Utah to participate in the festivities. You can read my blog about it here. Historically, the […]

Rail Pictures from Utah

Just a few of the rail related photographs we took in Utah which didn’t quite fit into the previous blog entries. Union Pacific Railroad’s 4014 and 844 at Ogden, Utah. The next morning both locomotives were double heading the UP train back to Cheyenne through the Echo Canyon.   UPRR’s 833 at the railroads museum […]