One hopes that the four year long nightmare has come to an end. I wish the new administration all the luck, fortitude and success! It can only get better.

Idle hands and all that!

This is not particularly railroad related, however it seems to be a bit of a sign of our times. So let me explain: After dithering around for many years, our local electric power company (PEPCO) finally decided to relocate the electric distribution lines in our neighborhood from poles to underground conduits. It was beyond embarrassing […]

Laminátka…..Part 2

Remember the recent blog entry regarding my new PIKO HO scale electric locomotive? The one about the ČSD Class 499? Well, to my great surprise there are actually folks in the Czech Republic who find my blog interesting enough to read. Thanks! One of them, “Zdenek”, forwarded an extensive history of the CSD Class 499 […]

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