’tis the season to be jolly…..or not!

Frankly I can not blame anybody for giving the “jolly feeling” a miss this year. It has been a rough 2020 here in DC and, of course, elsewhere. Personally I can not wait to see the back of this awful year. Between the pandemic and the sad Greek tragedy playing out in the White House, […]


How are your Czech language skills? Not particularly brilliant? Mine neither! Nevertheless I did hope that the Czech word “Laminátka” would be some sort of cognate to the English adjective “laminated”. Surprisingly it indeed was. You may wonder what in the world this has got to do with trains. Well, this: Behold the world’s first […]

New Toys!

Just a couple of days ago a few new toys arrived for my HO pike. This is another one of those times where I preordered a long time ago and then totally forgot about having done so. Model train companies tend to announce the intent to manufacture and release a new model with great fanfare, […]

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