Hanging in there…

These are difficult times! A pandemic is coursing around the world. We have an absolutely inept administration, which, instead of reassuring the public, fans the flames of near panic ever more. Then we have right-wing Republicans who think this is just an elaborate hoax, goaded along by so called “Evangelical Christians” of the Jerry Falwell […]

Another domino falls…

Full disclosure: this blog entry is for the really serious rail enthusiast, or perhaps for a seasoned economist, or maybe even useful as an object lesson during a business course at a university. If so, I would suggest scheduling it somewhere in freshman business 101! Add this to another text book case of running a […]

Visiting a Model Train Show…again!

It has been a while since I have been to a model train show. The closest one to us here in DC is usually the one happening in Timonium, Maryland. That is just north of Baltimore at the Maryland Agricultural Fairgrounds. They have several huge exhibition halls (one is appropriately called “The Cow Palace”), so […]

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