You’re welcome!

It’s been rough. Covid, stay at home orders, record unemployment, riots and for good measure inflammatory rhetoric from the White House making things ever worse. It is enough for one to easily sink into abject despair, if it were not for the little routine habits and quirky hobbies we have. My other half has gotten […]

First Run of the C&T Railroad

First Run of the C&T Railroad

A couple of days ago I finally was able to attempt a first run of the season on the Chesapeake and Tenleytown Garden Railway. Winter around here is not kind to my outdoor G scale track. Even though it was unusually warm during the winter months, the track still heaves and moves sideways with the […]

Hanging in there…

These are difficult times! A pandemic is coursing around the world. We have an absolutely inept administration, which, instead of reassuring the public, fans the flames of near panic ever more. Then we have right-wing Republicans who think this is just an elaborate hoax, goaded along by so called “Evangelical Christians” of the Jerry Falwell […]

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