Nothing could be finer, than eating in the diner…well, maybe not!

Fred Harvey, George Pullman and Georges Nagelmackers must be spinning in their respective graves like so many dreidels. In this day and age one would call them entrepreneurs. Their common grievance: the atrocious service being provided by the railroads of their days. Fred Harvey founded the Fred Harvey Company in 1876, spurred on by the […]

The new kid on the block.

Bachmann Trains USA has just released a HO scale version of the Amtrak ACS-64 electric locomotive. The locomotives come in a variety of liveries and road numbers. MSRP is $359.00 for a model with DCC and sound. As is usual for MSRP suggestions, the actual retail price tends to be considerably lower. In this case […]

Little Rock, Arkansas. A travel log by Bradford Wing

In the Old State House  Photo by B. Wing I recently had a business trip to Little Rock in Arkansas.  I was not looking forward to it — thinking it would be a dull Southern town with lots of ‘scary people.’  My first surprise was when I landed at the airport and saw that it […]

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