Not all is what it seems…

Eagle eyed reader Sartenada has informed me that I was mistaken regarding the old church in Hyvinkää, which I mentioned in my previous blog entry.

Apparently that church is really not that old. That honor seems to go to the Church of Vöyri (Vörå in Swedish). Here is the link for more information on Sartenada’s blog: The Church in Vöyri.

Sartenada also mentions a Steam Locomotive Park in the central Finnish town of Haapamäki. It looks fascinating. There is quite a bit more equipment there than at the Finnish National Railway Museum in Hyvinkää! I wish I would have know about this while in Finland.

Here is Sartenada’s blog about the Steam Locomotive Park with lots of nice photographs.


The not so old church in Hyvinkää

Voyri Church

The church in Vöyri built in 1626. Photo by Sartenada




  1. Sartenada says:

    Oh, man – You are great. Thank You. Are You interested in Alpine model railway exhibition? It is just now in Finland and my post will come in December. Its length is 511 meters and have been built during 20 years. If interested, I can send some photos. Because I do not have Your email, but You have mine, so send me email if interested.

    Happy weekend!

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