Alpine Railways in Finland?

Quite so! One of my blog readers, who lives in Finland, informed me that there is indeed a model train club, which features alpine scenery. My reader, Sartenada, has sent me a few teaser photographs. It is his intention to visit this attraction sometime in December and promised more photographs. I am looking forward to the pictures and the resulting blog.

12_Exposition of_Alpine_Model_Railroad_Nikon (12).JPG4_Exposition of_Alpine_Model_Railroad_Nikon (4).JPG2_Exposition of_Alpine_Model_Railroad_Nikon (2).JPG27_Exposition of_Alpine_Model_Railroad_Huawei_ (7).jpg21_Exposition of_Alpine_Model_Railroad_Huawei_ (1).jpgAll photographs by Sartenada.

Here is the link to the model train club’s web site: Alppirautatieharrastajat. (It is in Finnish only)

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