Finnish Alpine Mountains?

Everything is possible in the world of model trains. Even mountains in Finland! If you will recall, I wrote a blog in early November about my and Brad’s trip to Helsinki. Consequently one of my Finnish readers ( asked me if I had visited the HO scale Finnish Alpine Model Railway Exhibition in Espoo, Finland. […]

Stupidity knows no bounds.

One of my readers in the UK ( sent me a little blurb about a mishap on one of the heritage railway lines close to Norfolk, East Anglia, UK. It seems that we here in the US are not the only ones making a “sport” of running red lights and trying to beat a train […] Archives from 2012 through 2017

After my switch to a new blogging platform, I decided to archive my older blogs.  Otherwise they would soon be inaccessible. Here are links to the archives in pdf format.  There is a Table of Contents in each. 2012: 2013: 2014: 2015 2016 2017           […]