God’s Wonderful Railway has an Open House.

A few short weeks ago I was once again in London. As per usual I stayed with some friends in West London. Long before the trip, the UK rail news was full of excited chatter about an “Open Door” event put on by the Great Western Railway Company. Fortuitously this was going to be happening […]

Artwork commemorating the Chinese workers on the American railroads

A temporary exhibit of the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center  features “Hung Liu: Daughter of China, Resident Alien”. The third floor of the museum is now temporarily dedicated to her works, which are comprised mainly of paintings, but also a memorable 3-dimensional tribute to the Chinese workers on the railroad.  The museum […]

A Community Museum in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Throughout the US, several towns have preserved their railroad stations and made them into small museums. Right near Washington, DC is a good example of this trend: Gaithersburg, Maryland. It is called the “Gaithersburg Community Museum”, located in the former freight depot on the mainline from Washington DC to Chicago. The original train station right […]