God’s Wonderful Railway has an Open House.

A few short weeks ago I was once again in London. As per usual I stayed with some friends in West London. Long before the trip, the UK rail news was full of excited chatter about an “Open Door” event put on by the Great Western Railway Company. Fortuitously this was going to be happening right in the middle of my stay in London. After a short email exchange with Michael in London I purchased two tickets for the event.

Not that Michael is a great railway enthusiast. However he is a keen photographer and always on the prowl for interesting motives to catch with his Leica. He often shares his pictures on his blog and so it was with this event. He is the better photographer of the two of us and he does bring a different perspective to all of this, quite unlike your typical foamer like myself. So take a look at his take of the “Open Door Day” at the Old Oak Common Depot: www.macfilos.com

The two photographs below are mine. I will publish more in another blog entry very soon.

(Sony Alpha 7 R II)

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