Finnish Alpine Mountains?

AlppirautatietEverything is possible in the world of model trains. Even mountains in Finland! If you will recall, I wrote a blog in early November about my and Brad’s trip to Helsinki. Consequently one of my Finnish readers ( asked me if I had visited the HO scale Finnish Alpine Model Railway Exhibition in Espoo, Finland. Well, no, I had not. And I never had even heard about it. However I am always interested to see or hear about model train layouts, so my interest was piqued. He also promised photos of the exhibition since he was going to visit it fairly soon.

Sure enough, today an email arrived with photos of the exhibition attached:




Photos by Sartenada

But why not look at his website for lots more photos and video: Sartenada’s Photos and Video

Here is a link to the exhibition’s website: (in Finnish only)

The website has a nice, clickable, more technical write up of this model train layout:

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