Visiting a Model Train Show…again!

It has been a while since I have been to a model train show. The closest one to us here in DC is usually the one happening in Timonium, Maryland. That is just north of Baltimore at the Maryland Agricultural Fairgrounds. They have several huge exhibition halls (one is appropriately called “The Cow Palace”), so […]

Finnish Alpine Mountains?

Everything is possible in the world of model trains. Even mountains in Finland! If you will recall, I wrote a blog in early November about my and Brad’s trip to Helsinki. Consequently one of my Finnish readers ( asked me if I had visited the HO scale Finnish Alpine Model Railway Exhibition in Espoo, Finland. […]

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the largest of them all?

Human nature likes order. Well, usually. Thus we always tend to rank things: The best, the largest, the weirdest, the fastest, the most expensive.  I am happy to report that we now have a ranking of the supposedly most incredible model train layouts in the world. The travel web site “Atlas Obscura” has taken on […]

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