City Bus Concept Designs at InnoTrans 2018

The Innotrans Exhibition in Berlin, Germany has always been known as a big shindig for all things railroad. Steel wheel on steel rail and related items, that sort of thing. The last few times however, InnoTrans has included city buses. Apparently the only major requirement to participate is, that the buses have alternative propulsion. Obviously […]

Berlin’s InnoTrans 2016 (Part Two)

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, InnoTrans has a large outdoor exhibition area. Most of the new ideas in rolling stock, maintenance of way machinery and other large railway related items are exhibited here. For us foamers and anoraks this is the chance of being the proverbial kid in the candy store. One can […]

Routemaster buses continued…

A while ago I did a blog entry about the new “Routemaster” buses used by Transport for London. As it happened I was in London again last week. More often than not, to travel around London, I tend to take buses instead of the Underground (Unless travel involves a long distance). The Underground tends to be […]

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