“I’ve been working on the railroad…

…all the live-long day!” Well, not really. Most certainly I did not have it as bad as the railroad workers about whom the song was written around 1894. During those early days of American railroad construction, working conditions were not ideal, to say it mildly. It was backbreaking, all manual labor to lay down railroad […]

A bit wound too tight?

No, no, no…the title is not alluding to our current political climate around here. Even though one could write volumes about the political disfunction around here in DC, let us just stick with model trains. My readers will remember that just a few day ago a mysterious package arrived at the front door. It turned […]

A trip to New Jersey in N Scale

The Atlas Model Railroad Company has finally released their N scale New Jersey Transit and AMT (Agence m√©tropolitaine de transport Montreal) ALP-45 locomotives and the appropriate double deck coaches, as well as double deck cab cars. This was quite some time in coming. I had pre-ordered my N scale set in early January of 2019. […]

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