Where in the world is Sonneberg?

Sonneberg, a small town of about 20,000 souls, calls itself the “Weltspielzeugstadt”! Loosely translated it would mean “The World’s Toy Capital”. Quite a boast for a town of that size, but, as we shall find out, there is indeed some merit to this extravagant claim.  The town is on the southern edge of the “Thuringian […]

The devil is in the details…

In my last post I bragged about my new HO scale New Jersey Transit train, which was released by the Atlas Model Railroad Company not long ago. Like a lot of other manufacturers of model trains Atlas thinks they can save a few pennies per train by not affixing fiddly little parts to their models. […]

Inaugurating the Hildesheim – New Jersey Express

It finally happened: The first train from New Jersey arrived in the city of my birth: Hildesheim, Germany! Well, at least on my HO model train layout. Perhaps an explanation would be in order. As regular readers of my blog know, my train layout has a germanic “flavor” to it. That is to say that […]